Moja is a Swahili word that means “one,” and it captures the essence of our purpose. Moja was birthed out of a passion for YOU and your organization’s mission – the mission to unite more people for greater impact.


Such a bold endeavor only works if it is, first and foremost, a powerful, simple, and reliable web solution for your needs. The concept of Moja demands that the solution is cutting edge not merely in concept, but in reality. In fact, the central purpose of Moja is just that – to give every user, regardless of size, access to a full-featured, easy-to-use platform for uniting people online.

give back.

We understand your challenge. Organizations of all sizes want to find a web solution that meets needs, builds community, looks good, and is still affordable. Moja is created to solve that dilemma. Moja works because it’s a value for everyone, regardless of size. But it does more than just “work.” It offers every user access to the same online resources for uniting more people. It’s Moja (and its users) giving back to smaller organizations with big ambitions but maybe not big budgets.

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